The Museum of World Culture is an amazing platform for creative meetings and grand events. Experience world-class architecture with boundary-crossing modern design. There is space here for new ideas!

The Museum of World Culture has four seminar rooms, an auditorium and a large staircase that forms the museum’s core. The five exhibition galleries place you in the middle of intriguing questions. Everything can be rented, both during regular visiting hours and when the museum is closed.


Tabla Restaurant is located on the premises of the Museum of World Culture. The restaurateur Johan Holmberg offers our guests a culinary dining experience of the highest calibre. Johan Holmberg has received numerous awards for his cuisine. Johan has been executive chef at Thorskog Castle which was then named Restaurant of the Year! Since then Johan and his associates have operated historic Kungstorget, which became one of Sweden’s best restaurants, and Restaurant Vatten at the Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn, which quickly became top-ranked.

The restaurant serves everything from Swedish home cooking to gourmet dinners, to suit customer requirements. The café serves coffee and tea with fresh-baked bread and ingenious sweets from our own kitchen.

Enrich your conference, kick-off meeting or party with exciting activities.

Activities/Entertainment in unique architecture and environment! We offer a variety of exciting and fun activities for you and your colleagues, which we have found are at least as important and appreciated as space, food and service. We have ready-made packages or will customize a package just for you and your wishes. The activities/entertainment, guided tours in Museum of World Culture and/or Universeum Science Discovery Centre, Music Quiz with strolling musicians or a band. We have a number of very talented musicians that we gladly recommend to give the party that extra something.

Whiskey/wine/cheese and chocolate tasting, or why not a cooking challenge? The choice is yours! Reservations are made through the Museum of World Culure